I have never had any interest in flying south to lie on the beaches and sip on rum drinks all day long and relax in the sun. My best friend just had to find this excellent all inclusive deal that just couldn't be passed up. She called me and I quickly said "book it before I change my mind". In saying that I also want to include that I am scared of flying and travelling to countries where I haven't heard anything good about, especially a communist one.

For anyone who doesn't know, Cuba is quite a poor country. We went Free Standing Air Conditioner Guys airport, and of course I had to use the ladies room. They do not have toilet seats on their toilets in most of Cuba except for at the resorts. Then there was this lady passing out toilet paper for tips. I really didn't feel like using the washroom after seeing that there were no toilet seats on the toilets. I just waited out our bus ride to the resort which took about an hour.

We were warned before we left Canada about the security at the airports, that there maybe Cuban army guys holding machine guns, and that they are there just to protect their country. We never did see any guns, but there were security guys there.

We then got our luggage and headed out of the airport to catch our bus to the resort, the buses were very nice and air conditioned. We bought a couple of beer at the little beer cart outside the bus station, got on our bus, which I was finding it hard to believe we were allowed to do because in Canada your not allowed to have open liquor in a vehicle. Maybe it's the same law in Cuba, but an exception for the tourists. We weren't driving.

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