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 Another term for this type of kit home is ??pre-framed?? because the panels represent pre-framed wall segments, ready for assembly. These homes, unlike others on this list, are built on a wood frame that is sturdy but, as with any wood residence, vulnerable to insects like termites which is a drawback to this type of kit home.Log Kit Homes A completed log kit home will most likely bring to mind the Trades Jason Bond word ??cabin.?? Centuries ago, pioneers built log cabins out of necessity because they chose to make their homes in an isolated section of a densely forested area where there was a readily available supply of logs. However, today homeowners choose to build log cabins because of their rustic appeal and charm that harkens back to a simpler time. Rather than shipping manufactured paneling for walls, when you purchase a log kit home you will receive pre-cut logs that can then be fitted together to form the walls of your log cabin home or vacation cottage.

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