The Pirates encountered many difficulties last year

The Pirates encountered many difficulties last year, and their defense was a big one. The number of lost codes is almost the league's first. There is only one way to solve the problem: to completely restructure the defensive team. Fortunately, the Pirates did so, and they made a great deal of change to the offensive lineup. Five of the offensive lineups came to the team, including Jason Pierre Paul and first-round show Vita Vía. The flaw in the running back was also solved. Ronald Jones solved this problem as a brilliant second round break. However, they are in the southern part of the League of Nations where the competition is fierce, and the hopes of Madden Mobile Coins the playoffs seem a bit embarrassing. The rest depends on the talent of Dirk-Cotter.

The 49ers in San Francisco have been spotlighting for the past two seasons because of the "down track" of the season caused by Caponec's knee-jerk incident that allowed them to make a profit. The 0-9 start left them tied with the Browns. But the arrival of Jimmy - Garopolo changed all this. The five-game winning streak and the big contract signed in the offseason made Brady's salary worse than he once had. In the new season, people believe that the team will rise under the leadership of coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch. Unlike pirates, their division opponents are not very strong. They may still be 8-8. Get a playoff spot?

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