or any real game modes outside of its lackluster Story

mode. Capcom is planning on adding more content to Street Fighter 5 in March, but one that that has yet to be confirmed is an Arcade mode.According to a statement submitted to Forbes, NBA 2K MT  Capcom “is looking into adding an Arcade Mode and we’ll have more information to share soon.” The company is also planning on adding difficulty sliders to its existing Story Mode.The Arcade Mode has been a staple of the Street Fighter series and is just as important as any Haodoukens or Sonic Booms.

To release Street Fighter 5 without a proper Arcade Mode, or any real game modes outside of its lackluster Story Mode, its never-ending Survival Mode, and its bare bones local and online Buy NBA 2K MT  versus modes, was a huge oversight.Hopefully Capcom will work on getting Arcade Mode, or any other additional game modes, into Street Fighter 5 sooner rather than later. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation

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