Lamination Adhesive can cause problems

1. It's important to bethink that although Lamination Adhesive can cause problems, there is frequently no bloom accident for the boilerplate getting so continued as there is no acquaintance with the adhesive material.

Not only are countless types of adhesives available, but you often are given choices between a number of brands as well. This can leave beginners frustrated and ready to go home and use a hot glue gun for the whole project.

A word of caution, however-learning to use the different types of adhesives will help protect your photographs and keep your work in tact for many years.

There are three basic types of adhesives: glues, tapes, and corner mounts. The first, glue, is probably the item you are most familiar with using with your other craft projects.

Hot glue and tacky glue, both common items around the house, are not good for your scrapbooking project. Although these adhesives are strong and permanent, the heat and acidity that comes with using them will ruin your photographs over time. Another common option is the glue stick.

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