Most experts will tell you NOT to put wood in your bathroom since moisture can damage it. Well, if you really want wood in your bathroom, keep in mind that there are exceptions to every rule. Remember, in the 1800s they used to make boats out of wood.

You just need to know which wood to use. Teak, Rosewood and Brazilian Epi are extremely dense and oily (and expensive) woods that will hold up just fine. Even some of the harder of the common woods (like Oak and hard Maple) will work if you treat them with a coat of marine varnish.

Watch out for the Epi. I've seen guys try to hammer nails into it and Laminate Countertops Guys into their chest because the wood is so dense. Pre-drill the holes, and use screws. This stuff is also very good for outdoor furniture.

Most people think of something clear and thin when they hear someone mention glass. Glass is available is various thickness, up to 1". It could be given a rounded edge, can be cut to any shape, can be cut out for a sink, and is available in a variety of tinted shades as well as milky white. You could also layer multiple pieces to create unique coloring and edge details.

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