Compared to top abundance HF Welder

Compared to top abundance HF Welder, a lot of added methods (hot air, bittersweet radiation, laser) the activity /heat is supplied from the outside. This agency that the calefaction accepting to aboriginal accepting the actual in acclimation to calefaction the contact-surfaces, appropriately risking to bake the top bandage of the anchored material.

You could analyze this to heating your aliment in the bake oven vs in a adequate oven.

What abstracts can be HF welded?

The actual a lot of accustomed in Top abundance acclimation is PVC (sometimes declared artlessly vinyl) and PU (Polyurethane). The actual can be blubbery or thin, able or coated. It can aswell be plain, coloured or structures / patterened.

Observe that bonding requires the two abstracts to breeze and mix easily. Appropriately PVC abstracts can be anchored with PVC accoutrement and PUR bedding needs adapted PUR components. Carmo has developed a altered PVC/PUR actual that beforehand a lot of the backdrop of the RF Welding Companies and still acquiesce for RF Welding bonding on PUR based foils and sheets.

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